Effective courses in a friendly atmosphere !

Cosy French courses offer personalised learning to meet your needs and to learn at your own pace.
No tedious repetitions. No laborious exercices. The learning method is interactive. It will enable you to speak real French in real life situations through the use of authentic material.

Tailor-made courses which suits your level and individual goals

General French : develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar. This course includes homework, various documents and customized corrections according to your level.

  • Private course/1 person/1 hour : 110 CHF or 120 CHF
  • Semi private/2 persons/1 hour : 80 CHF
  • Group courses 4/5 persons, dates and prices on request

Conversation : strong focus on oral proficiency including phonetics. (Tools used include video, audio, articles and personal coaching). We work on various prepared topics relevant to your lifestyle.

  • Private course/1 person/1 hour : 100 CHF
  • Semi private/2 persons/1 hour : 60 CHF
  • Group courses 4/5 persons, dates and prices on request

DELF-DALF,  FIDE  Exams Preparation : especially prepares you for the examination requirements for the official DELF DALF and FIDE exam. Prices on request

Prices include the material, homeworks, corrections and tips to learn.

Numerous exercices will be given to you to work as much as you can by yourself !

Please contact me !

Cosy French
Rue du simplon 6
1006 Lausanne
0041 (0) 78 865 1981

About me

I am Virginie Bergès, from the South of France where I studied how to teach French to adults from other countries. When I got my Masters, I taught in different language schools in Germany, India and finally in Lausanne, Switzerland.

When I settled in the canton de Vaud, I specialised in developing multimedia teaching materials and I did the Swiss training « Brevet fédéral de formatrice d’ adultes  » in Lausanne.

Now, I work for my own company « Cosy French« , founded in 2014. I have decided to highlight my abilities offering French lessons tailored to individual levels and requirements.

You will be welcomed in a spacious and comfortable classroom three-minutes walk from the train station. The work atmosphere is warm and friendly ! Virginie.



Roberto P. bresilian, senior coffee buyer 

“Virginie provides a very positive class environment by pushing us students to practice and interact based on the lessons learned.
The challenging conversational part of the class is made in a way that; suddenly without noticing you are speaking French with her.
The high tech usage of videos and audios enrich the class dynamics and facilitates the whole learning/understanding.”

Stefani Z. suisse allemande, professeur des écoles

« J’ai préparé l’examen Delf B2 avec Cosy French. Virginie est super sympa et très engagée. Elle a examiné mes compétences et élaboré un programme adapté. Elle m’a préparé toujours assez de devoirs. J’ai fait beaucoup de progrès avec Cosy French et Virginie est une enseignante de français excellente ! »

Gabriella H., hungarian, senior contract  negotiator

« I am very glad for having met Virginie and for the chance of learning French from her. Her creativity, patience and attention make the classes exciting and fascinating. Her innovative and playful methods turned even the learning of basic rules to fun so that I have been always waiting for the next class, with curiosity what we will be doing next. I also appreciate her practical approach so that we learn both grammar and speaking in a balanced way, with the focus of how I can survive best in the real world. I am very thankful for her. »

Nina I., bulgare, comptable

Le cours été très sympa, bien organisé et Virginie nous a fait travailler et rire beaucoup !
ça a  été un plaisir à découvrir avec elle tellement de d’exercices multimédia !

Milan V., tchèque, service clientèle

« Je faisais le cours à deux personnes pendant 3 mois. Le cours étais vraiment adapté à nos besoins. Nous avons été « forcé » de faire beaucoup de devoirs par écrit et Virginie les a corrigés pour la prochaine fois. Cela nous a aidé surtout à améliorer la grammaire et l’écriture, ce qui avait été notre but.
J’espère qu’on pourra recommencer une fois Virginie reviendra de la maternité »

Aline S., swiss german, brand marketing intern

« Virginie tailored her course exactly to my needs. Her teaching approach made me improve my French in a very fun and comprehensive way. I always enjoyed going to her classes.
J’ai vraiment aimé ton cours et j’ai eu l’impression qu’on a fait des choses que je peux utiliser dans la vie quotidienne. Malheureusement j’ai pas eu beaucoup de temps mais j’ai vraiment adoré le cours. Spécifiquement les videos de la musique qu’ on a traduit ensemble et les chanteurs »